O’Brien Pumping Equipment

O’Brien Concrete Pumping uses Putzmeister Concrete Pumping placing systems.  Putzmeister’s range of truck mounted concrete boom pumps enables you to complete jobs faster and with superior end results.

28-meter-pump The 28Z is the first four-section 90′ boom on the market. It features the only Multi-Z boom configuration in its class for unparalleled versatility and maneuverability. A “frost law” version of this model is also available.


32-meter-pumpThe 32Z-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump has a compact 18′ 8″ footprint with no overhang. This versatile four-section Multi-Z boom design features a 105′ vertical reach. It also has a low GVW for convenient road travel and compliance to the federal bridge formula weight restrictions.


36-meter-pumpDesigned to allow for quick and easy setup on congested job sites as well as for convenient road travel, the popular 36Z-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump is the only four-section 117′ boom on the market today with X-style outriggers.


38-meter-pump Designed to allow for quick easy setup on the most restrictive and congested job sites as well as for convenient road travel, the Putzmeister 38Z-Meter truck-mounted, concrete boom pump is the only four-section, 122′ Multi-Z boom on the market today with X-style outriggers. A “frost law” version of this model is also available.


42-meter-pumpDesigned with the operator in mind, the new Putzmeister 42Z delivers greater payload capacity, and longer pump life to increase job-site performance. Weighing in at less than 66,000 pounds and with thirty percent more deck space, there is plenty of capacity for job site equipment, water and fuel, as well as space to comfortably move around the deck.


47-meter-pumpWith a vertical reach of 151′ 3″, this versatile five-arm Z-fold boom allows the boom to maneuver in, over and around obstacles and efficiently place concrete in difficult to reach places. With the smallest front outrigger footprint of all models in its class, the 47Z easily negotiates congested sites.


52-meter-pumpIn addition to its fantastic 170′ reach, the 52Z-Meter is incredibly nimble on congested sites. The unit’s true Multi-Z boom design and unique outriggers deploy easily for pumping in confined spaces and difficult to access structures. The fully integrated rotation bearing pedestal is designed to absorb all forces of the outriggers and boom.


52-meter-pumpNow, you can get the reach of the 50-meter class you couldn’t get before because of weight restrictions. With a five-section boom, the 56Z still comes in at less than 100,000 pounds, giving you more options in a 50-meter class vehicle. The innovative, compact design gives you a lighter unit with a small footprint that still has a vertical reach of 180 feet 10 inches and 163 feet 10 inches of horizontal reach with the usual Putzmeister flexibility, strength, and dependability. From the small, but revolutionary, RFID hopper grate switch to the all new boom and structural components optimized for weight-to-strength – Putzmeister has brought together world-class design and user value into a DOT-friendly package.