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pumper-02For our customers, working with one of the most veteran concrete pump companies in the nation has its advantages. Not only were we a witness to the changes in the concrete pumping industry we were a leader and contributor. Using teamwork with our customers we overcame the learning curve and have lead O’Brien Concrete Pumping successfully for over 43 years.

In the early days of concrete pumping it wasn’t about an “On time Percentage” it was about a “Job Completion Percentage”. Every completed job was a victory and every day was a new improvement to the concrete pumping industry. Through innovation, hard work, and Irish stubbornness, O’Brien Concrete Pumping was not just a participant but a mentor and teacher to the industry. We trained so well that many of our competitors’ founders started or worked at O’Brien.

From being one of the first plasters in the industry to purchase a piston pump for machine applied plaster to a business that now boasts a fleet of over a hundred Putzmeister pumps, O’Brien Concrete Pumping has seen and done it in concrete pumping. We strive to provide better service and products to the concrete industry.